Junco Sato Pollack

Junco Sato Pollack (MFA, Textile Design, Rochester Institute of Technology 1991) is an artist and retired Associate Professor of Textiles at the E. G. Welch School of Art and Design of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, where she served 1992 – 2012. Native of Japan, and having lived in the United States for over 30 years, Pollack creates Zen-inspired meditative, abstract art textile works, fusing the Eastern aesthetics and sensibility with the kinetic energy of the West, and incorporating chance composition. Junco’s works are installed as architectural accents in atriums, hotels, corporate offices, and private residences in the USA and abroad. Her works are housed in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design (MAD), New York, the Francis Loeb Library Materials Collection of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and the Wallace Library Collection of RIT, Rochester, New, York, and are included in numerous corporate and private collections around the globe. Her works are exhibited internationally in 30 cities in 13 countries around the globe in the past 20 years. 

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Shigenori Shibata

 Shigenori Shibata was born in China and grew up in the south of Japan. He studied at Kyoto University and worked in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan ever since.

Mr. Shibata is secretary-general of the League of Historical Cities. The league holds biennial world conferences and provides cities from different cultures with a platform for bilateral cooperation and mutual learning. He served as the director of Kyoto International Community House and director-general of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Sports and Civic Affairs of Kyoto city. He is interested in learning different cultures and traditions through traveling and learning new languages. He can speak several languages such as English, French, Turkish and more. He is studying the ancient Sumerian language for years at Kyoto University. He is playing the flute and collecting locally made flutes from around the world. 

Mr. Shibata is the co-organizer of “Ongoing Conversation” shows in Kyoto Japan.


We Have a new logo!

Valentina Caver


 Valentina Caver is a Graphic Designer currently pursuing her MFA with a concentration in Graphic Design at Georgia State University. She has experience working with clients from the US and Germany and speaks three languages. Her love and passion for art and design are deeply rooted in the desire to solve problems and see beauty and purpose in all things. Her trust in the problem-solving process as a designer and artist gives her confidence in her work. Valentina is interested in how cultural backgrounds help us interpret the language of design.

For Ongoing Conversation's logo "I wanted to combine the movement of the word conversation. I created organic forms moving in the shape of a square. Two shapes insides each other represent a conversation, which usually happens between two people. The watercolor hand-drawn shapes also reflect on the word ongoing. Color orange adds warmth and energy to the logo. A simple sans serif does not take away from the natural shapes, but lets them stand together nicely".  

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