Ongoing Conversation:Chapter II: Japan

Pam Longabardi


 Pam Longabardi, Atlanta, GA, kokoka invitational artist is known for her sculptures that utilize salvaged plastic material taken from plastic debris in oceans. Her work discusses plastic as the cultural archeology of our time. For more about Pam, visit her website.

 Image courtesy of artist's website 


Jody Alexander


Jody Alexander, Santa Cruz, CA, is known for combining textiles and found objects with discarded books, giving them new life as scrolls, wall pieces, books, sculptural objects, and installations. Her work discusses the art of repair, mending techniques, and reuse.  For more information about Jody Alexander, visit her website.

  Image courtesy of artist's website  

Robert Harrison


 Robert Harrison, Helena, MT, is known globally for his large-scale site-specific architectural installations. Smaller-scale studio works include gallery installations and one of the kind ceramic objects.  For more information about Robert Harrison, visit his website.

 Photo credit Robert Harrison 

Craig Drennen


 Craig Drennen, Atlanta, GA, is known for his studio practice that revolves around Shakespeare’s play “Timon of Athens”. His work utilizes the text of Timon of Athens and creates a distinct body of work based on each character from the play.   Drennen is a recipient of the 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship.  For more information about Craig Drennen visit his website.

Photo credit Evie Saleh.

Gül Bolulu


Gül Bolulu, Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its multi-dimensional weavings and installations. Bolulu uses natural and handmade materials in her studio and nature has had a leading role as a source of inspiration for creating her artworks. For more information about  Gül Bolulu visit her Facebook page.

 Image courtesy of artist's Facebook. 

Jess Hill


 Jess Hill, Atlanta, GA, is known for her prints and designs. Hill's art explores the resilience of Black Womanhood and other marginalized groups and depicts their dream of overcoming many levels of oppression. Her art analyzes African folklore, quilted patterns, and symbolism. 

 For more information about Jess Hill visit her website.

  Photo credit Jess Hill.

Ryan Rasmussen


Ryan Rasmussen, Atlanta, GA, is known for his multi-disciplinary installations. His work spans practices in sculpture, installation, interactive objects, video, digital fabrication, and things that have mass or do not. For more information about Ryan, visit his website.
Image courtesy of artist's website   

Melissa Huang


 Melissa Huang, Chicago, IL, is known for her oil paintings.

 Her surreal oil paintings, prints, and sculptures explore digitally constructed bodies and identities.  Melissa attends Georgia State University for her MFA in Drawing and Painting. For more information about Melissa, visit her website

Photo credit Michael Hanlon 

Amy Putansu


Amy Putansu, Waynesville, NC, is known for her handwoven multiple layer fabrics.  Her current practice focuses on an unusual weaving technique called ondulé, which produces ever-present waves of threads throughout the cloth. These fabrics are specially constructed to resist dyeing and other alternative techniques. For more information about Amy, visit her website.

  Image courtesy of artist's website    

Doug Pierre Baulos


Doug Pierre Baulos, Birmingham, AL, is known for his drawings, installations, and books and fiber art.   His current works are explorations (visual) and meditations (poetry) centering on his ideas of spirituality, love, death, shelter, and hope.  

For more information about Doug, visit his website.

 Image courtesy Doug  Baulos.

Jack Michael


Jack Michael, Atlanta, GA, is known for her prints, textile arts, and sculptors.  Her work is broadly autobiographical, deeply sociopolitical, and spans media ranging from traditional printmaking and quilting methods to expanded sculptural print installation and performative textiles. For more information about Jack, visit her website.

Image courtesy Jack Michael.

Özlem Erzurumlu Jorayev


Özlem Erzurumlu Jorayev, Istanbul, Turkey, is known for her  Knittings. 

She works with a variety of materials in neutral colors in her new body of work, using the traditional two-dimensional knitting techniques to achieve three- dimensional surface.

She is teaching at the Department of Textile in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University.

For more information about Ozlem, visit her Instagram account.

Photo credit the artist.


Aidin Gheshlaghi


Aidin Gheshlaghi, Tehran, Iran, is known for his illustrations, photographs, and Designs. He creatively mixes oriental traditional forms and values with modern, contemporary and minimal forms. Aidin takes advantage of his deep knowledge of Persian literature and calligraphy in his body of work. For more information about Aidin, visit his Instagram account.

Photo credit Aidin Gheshlaghi.

Lauren Braun



Lauren Braun, Pittsburgh, PA, makes drawings that combine pastels, charcoal, pencils, and collage. She constructs an imagined architectural world that is inspired by the Rust Belt region and its ongoing reinvention. 

For more information about Lauren, visit her website.

Photo credit Porter Loves Creative.

Dena Haden


 Dena Haden, Berkley, MA,  is a fiber artist known for her installations. She is inspired by nature and uses found wood, metal, fiber, wax, plant materials, and kombucha culture to explore the natural cycle of something coming into form, living, ever-changing and malleable, and the residue it leaves in passing.​

For more information about Dena, visit her website.

Photo credit Dena Haden.  

Drew Tetz


Drew Tetz, Silver Springs, MD, is a designer who primarily works with phenakistoscopes. He has unearthed a number of previously undiscovered visual techniques, fusing psychedelic turntablist sensibilities with traditional animation into a strange analog vision of the future.  For more information about Drew, visit his website.

Photo credit Drew Tetz.

Hanneke van Broekhoven


 Hanneke van Broekhoven, Netherlands,  started her creative career as an illustrator. In her new series of work, she uses materials, and techniques to demonstrate compassion and suffering, fragile and hardened, old cloth and scrap metal, embroidery and welding.  

For more information about Hanneke, visit her website.

Photo credit artist.

Wynn Yarrow


Wynn Yarrow, Elmira, NY, is known for poetic landscapes that beckon us to engage in contemplation of our Earth. Through natural curiosity and captivating use of color, Yarrow draws on memory, imagination and intuition to paint landscapes that resonate with the spirit of place.  For more information about Wynn Yarrow visit their website.

 Photo courtesy of the Artist. 

Carole Gelker


 Carole Gelker, Orange County, CL, is known for her prints. She uses printmaking to tell stories about her own life experiences, the powerful feelings, and fantasies of children and complex personal relationships.  She is influenced by fairy tales, the German Expressionists and the female artists Kiki Smith and Louise Bourgeoise.  For more information about Carole Gelker visit her website.

  Photo credit artist.

Pegah Fahimi


 Pegah Fahimi, Urmia, Iran is known for her daily life photographs. Often traveling, she's made shooting photos and uploading them to her Instagram part of her daily working routine. Her photography centers around showing Details of the daily life of Iranian girls from a different perspective.  For more information about Pegah Fahimi visit her Instagram account. 

Photo credit artist.

Jeremy Bolen


Jeremy Bolen, Chicago, IL, is known for his photographs and site-specific experimental modes of documentation and presentation. Much of Bolen's work involves rethinking systems of recording in an attempt to observe invisible presences that remain from various scientific experiments and human interactions with the earth's surface.  For more information about Jeremy Bolen visit his website.
Photo credit artist website. 

Jessica Caldas


 Jessica Caldas, Florida is known for her multidisciplinary paintings and installations. She is an artist, advocate, and activist.  While drawing on personal narratives, collected stories, literature, and social movements, her work incorporates drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, performance, and more. For more information about Jessica Caldas visit her website

 Photo courtesy of the artist. 

Tim Flowers


 Tim Flowers, Atlanta, GA, is known for his oil paintings. In his current work, he is creating interior portraits using obtuse source materials and direct material observation, mixing presence and absence. 

 For more information about Tim visit his website.
Image courtesy of the artist. 

Irmak Bayburtlu


Irmak Bayburtlu, Istanbul, Turkey, Is known for her creative knittings. In her most recent series of works, she uses several layers of yarns, in an organic way to create her forms.  she twists carefully selected colors and materials to shape her figures.

For more information about Irmak Bayburtlu visit her website.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Erin E. Castellan


 Erin E. Castellan, Gatlinburg, TN, known for her colorful, painterly collages using hand-embroidery, beads, knitting, crochet, and various found and painted fabrics. Erin fully embraces thread and other textile materials as her “paint” and enjoys the expressive range these tactile materials can offer.  For more information about Erin E. Castellan visit her website.

Photo credit artist.

Shebnem Gokcheli


 Shebnem Gokcheli , Ushak, Turkey is known for her felt made artworks. She uses a wide variety of natural materials for her handwoven and felted pieces. In her art practice, she is questioning the discrepancies and chaos that surrounds us. 

For more information about   Shebnem  Gokcheli visit her Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Photo credit the artist.

Kwong Kwok Wai


 Kwong Kwok Wai, Hong Kong, is known for his oil paintings which time and again transformed into participatory games. His work explores the nature of human existence, his relationship with memories and history. 

For more information about Kwong Kwok Wai, please visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Sibel Avcı Tugal


Sibel Avcı Tugal, Istanbul, Turkey, is known for her computer-based digital designs. Sibel pursuing her artistic work in different techniques in the digital platform.

She uses multi-layer textures and 3D effects to produce these digital artworks.  

For more information about Sibel, Avcı Tugal visit her website.

Photo credit artist website.

Nima Dehghani


Nima Dehghani, Tehran, Iran, is known for his multidisciplinary digital media and performance art.

As a transdisciplinary artist, he employs various technologies to negotiate human experience towards a heightened awareness of estrangement and displacement. 

For more information about Nima Dehghani visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Angela K Schneider


Angela K Schneider, Memphis, TN, is known for her technical blends influences into textile work, using weaving as a canvas for exploring codes and patterns.  She is a weaver spinner, knitter, and enthusiast for all textile structures from the common to the esoteric. For more information about Angela K Schneider visit her website

Photo credit   Frédérique Zindy. 

Aaron Kagan Putt


Aaron Kagan Putt, Tucson, AZ, is known for his hybrid sculptures and paintings

which probe themes of utopian architecture, and the intersection between personal and

cultural memory. Incorporating a variety of media and artistic strategies his works are

fused with a desire to reinvigorate the remnants of past forms, suggesting positive

future potential from that which appears moribund. For more information about Arron visit his website. Photo credit artist.

Lorie McCown


Lori McCown,  Fredericksburg Va, Is known for her  painting, mixed media and fiber arts. Lori's current work centers on generational and familial relationships. She works with themes of connectedness, family hierarchy, loss, and family baggage and history by traditional and historical stitchery, embroidery, quilting and needlework. 

For more information about Lori McCown visit her website.

Photo credit the artist.

Wesley Harvey


Wesley Harvey, Van Buren, IN, is known for his ceramic sculptures.  He addresses the social and

cultural issues and implications of the male body in a society that is becoming more

accepting of what used to be a scarlet letter worn only in the shadows of back alleys

and dimly lit rooms.

For more information about Wesley Harvey visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Gerda Schimmel


Gerda Schimmel, the Netherlands, works with discarded "cleaning rags" from the offset printing industry. This cleaning cloth is a non-woven disposable that is used after a print run to clean the presses of the remnants of printing ink. These are threaded by hand according to different rhythms, to create the correct shape. Afterward own ink is added to add Schimmel's own story and to fix the color. For more information, visit her website

Images courtesy Angelique Valster.

Sema Hatun Turker


 Sema Hatun Turker, İstanbul, Turkey, is known for her mixed media, creative
knitting, felting, and weaving pieces. In her artworks, she uses different materials and forms inspired by modern and contemporary
art. She uses artistic textile materials in ways to reflect the
effects of different art disciplines. For more information about Sema Hatun Turker visit her Instagram page.

Photo credit the artist.

Darien Arikoski-Johnson

Photo credit Atlanta Magazine.

Darien Arikoski-Johnson, Atlanta, GA, is known for incorporating the “glitch” aesthetic into the ceramic vernacular, A-Johnson’s work addresses thoughts of memory, technological integration, mark-making, and perceptual consciousness.  Darien integrates digital processes with traditional forming and surface treatments.  For more information about  Darien Arikoski-Johnson visit his website.

Photo credit Atlanta Magazine. 

Gülay Kaygusuz


 Gülay Kaygusuz, İstanbul, Turkey, is known for her multi-layered textile works. In her studio, she creates sculptures formed with discarded materials.
She is investigating the identity of the materials and the history of the material and creates a contemporary identity to the traditional art forms  For more information about  Gülay Kaygusuz visit her Instagram account.  

Photo credit the artist.

Ruth Stanford


 Ruth Stanford , Atlanta, GA, is known for her sculptures. Stanford’s work draws on personal reflection to create broader metaphors relevant to the world at large. Much of her work explores history and notions of presence/absence, permanence/impermanence, fiction/reality, and conscious/unconscious. Often it relies on the language, ideas, and tools of science. For more information about Ruth Stanford visit her website.

Photo credit the artist. 

Farhad Khosravi Bizhaem


Farhad Khosravi Bizhaem, Isfahan, Iran, is known for his paintings based on Persian Calligraphy. Calligraphy was the main field of his thesis in BA, MA, and Ph.D. He has a unique approach to the traditional Persian calligraphy. Farhad introduces color, printmaking, and Batik on fabric instead of traditional black ink on paper. For more information about Farhad, Khosravi Bizhaem visit his website.

 Images courtesy the artist.

Mitchell Seeyu


Mitchell Seeyu, Hong Kong, is known for her paintings. She adopted traditional Chinese ink techniques with locality consciousness, as well as

East-meets-west ideology. She conveys a complex emotion through

a simple and minimalistic approach as her artistic expression. With a strong passion for nature, she used artworks to reconstruct the diminishing poetic sentiment. Her landscape painting manifests a unique sense of presence and mystery. For more information about Mitchell Seeyu visit her website.

Photo credit the artist. 

Ryan Parker


Ryan Parker, Philadelphia, PA, is known for his printed works on paper and fabric.  He employs architectural forms and its patterned motifs to explore psychological space and create a personal narrative. The prints that he makes are also informed by his interest in travel—which has led him to participate in artist residencies at Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium), Cork Printmakers (Ireland), and Ballinglen (Ireland).

For more information about Ryan Parker visit his website.

Photo credit the artist. 

Stephanie Kolpy


Stephanie Kolpy, Atlanta, GA, is best known for her Natural Disaster series of large-scale symbolic landscape paintings and mixed media monoprints. Ms. Kolpy’s work presents visual interpretations of apocalyptic mythoi—past, present, and future. Her current body of work draws apocalyptic visual parallels between issues of mass migration and the rising tides due to climate change. 

For more information about  Stephanie Kolpy visit her website.

Photo credit the artist.

Sheri Schumacher


 Sheri Schumacher, Auburn, AL, is known for her textile assemblages that record cultural landscapes with repurposed garments and linens.  Her current works explore narratives about mapping terrain, geography and the sensory experience of place. Fore more information about  Sheri Schumacher visit her website.

Photo credit the artist.

Larkin Ford


Larkin Ford, Atlanta, GA, is known for his enigmatic narratives through drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

 Larkin teaches as a Visiting Lecturer at Georgia State University, where he earned his MFA.  

 Ford has exhibited work in Atlanta at Whitespace, The Mast, and Showerhaus’s High Rise Show this year. For more information about Larkin Ford and his work please visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Saba Safari


Saba Safari, Iran, is known for her mixed media paintings. She sees each of her works as a journey of self-discovery through spontaneous and uninterrupted expression. Her painting is not only a reflection of her experiences and emotion but also of subconscious dreams. She relies on her intuition for selecting colors, shapes, touches, and composition. For more information about Saba Safari visit her Instagram.

Photo credit the artist.

Jamaal Barber


Jamaal Barber, Atlanta, GA, is known for his prints about black life and black identity. He explores all aspects of black life in America from the nostalgic reverence of small-town, southern life to the societal forces that shape modern urban life across the country. His  aim is to create a new kind of propaganda to spread messages that speak to all aspects of black life. For more information about Jamaal Barber visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Raeus Jae Cannon


 Raeus Jae Cannon, Knoxville, Tennessee is known for her creative knitted and pin loom woven wearable art and sculptures.  She approaches her work with blind faith - often not knowing what the final project will become.  She uses color and texture together in unexpected ways to eventually uncover the final outcome of what the yarn wants to be.  This is a process of vision and listening for Raeus.  Presently, her work has focused on memory pieces from the passing of her mother and son. 

For more information about Raeus visit her website

Diane Hiscox


Diane Hiscox, Ottawa, Canada, and Atlanta GA, is a painter who deals with urban life and issues of social justice in her work. She also makes textile works and quilts which are more personal maps of memories and events in her life and in the world. 

For more information about Diane Hiscox and more images of her paintings, visit her website

Photo credit the artist.

Julia Galloway


 Julia Galloway, Missoula MT, is internationally known for utilitarian porcelain pottery and vessel-based installations. Galloway’s oeuvre includes bodies of work about the home, flora, and fauna, and  Montana’s unparalleled “Big Sky”.  Her current work includes a focus on endangered species in the United States @endangered.species.project.  For more information about Julia Galloway visit her website. Photo courtesy of the Artist.  

Geri Forkner


Geri Forkner ,  Sweetwater, TN, creates felted and woven works of art from her studio in Tennessee. She exhibits and teaches fiber arts internationally to both children and adults, is the recipient of an Artists-in-the-Schools grant, and is the dynamic force behind Tennessee Presents Textiles, a wearable-art style show. For more information about Geri Forkner visit her website.

 Photo courtesy of the Artist.   

Demet Yanizca


Demet Yanizca, Istanbul Turkey, is a textile artist and educator. She creates her artworks inspired by nature and the photographs she takes from daily and personal life. She believes that the materials she uses also show her the direction in her work. She uses leather, paper, wool, yarn, fabric and various dyes in my works. For more information about Demet Yanizca visit her Instagram page.  Photo courtesy of the Artist.   

Beth Lo


Beth Lo, Missoula MT, is internationally known for her work in ceramic sculpture and the vessel tradition.  About her studio practice, Lo states “My work in ceramics and mixed media collage revolves primarily around issues of family and my Asian-American background. Cultural marginality and blending, tradition vs. Westernization, language and translation are key elements in my work. For more information about Beth Lo visit her website. Photo courtesy of the Artist 

Carla Powell


 Carla Powell, Atlanta, GA, is a textile artist. She uses fabrics and various fiber mediums to express myself in my art. The desire to use textile mediums comes from a long love of textiles, both as an art form and as a craft. She incorporates textiles and textile traditions from around the world into her artwork, embracing regional craft heritage and hand stitched traditions. For more information about Carla Powell visit her website.

 Photo courtesy of the Artist  

Kylie Little


 Kylie Little is an artist best known for sculpture, installation, and eco-art. She was born and raised in Goshen, Indiana and graduated from the University of Indianapolis with her Bachelor's degree. Kylie creates using a variety of materials but favors wood, metal and other naturally occurring elements, such as soil, to address issues of the Anthropocene and the guilt it carries.For more information about Kylie visit her website.

  Photo credit to Chris Carder.

Jess Self


 Jess Self,  Black Mountain, NC , is known for her felt made sculptural figures. She combines the traditional craft of needle felting and figurative sculpture in her work. She is currently exploring how women deal with trauma specifically in their beds in her studio. For more information about Jess Self visit her website.

 Photo credit Chris Carder Photography.

Michael Tolley


 Michael Tolley, Atlanta, GA, is known for his multimedia paintings. In his current work, he layers images of pleasure and plays to create a sensualist space just beyond comprehension. Through this process, he explores his former religious belief's inability to conceive of the exaltation of the queer body.  For more information about Michael Tolley visit his website.

Photo credit the artist.

Semra Gür Üstüner


Semra Gur Ustuner, Istanbul, Turkey is known for her surface designs. Her work is mostly two dimensional surface treatments using multi layers of fabric in natural colors ,stitches and textures. Samra's artworks featured in several national and international exhibitions. For more information about Semra Gür Üstüner visit her Instagram page.

Photo credit the artist.

Joshua C. Bailey


 Jah is a 19-year-old artist based in Atlanta, Georgia who paints, creates music, and is journeying through life inspired by love, light, and19-year-old creativity. Jah works mainly with acrylic and prefers collaging different worlds to create a narrative which in his words, “is a more accurate depiction of what life is in the form of painting.” For more information about Jah, visit his Instagram account.

Photo credit the artist.

Farah Yusuf Ali


 Farah Yusuf Ali, Pakistan and Atlanta, GA, is a painter with a background in Art History and Lecturing.  Farah's paintings can be best described as abstract, mixed media collage. She uses figurative as well as non-figurative symbolic imagery and newsprint to create her collages. There is a strong Eastern influence on her work. For the subject matter, she often addresses controversial global political issues.

For more information about Farah, visit her Instagram. 

photo credit the artist.

Ebru Dikmen Varol


Ebru Dikmen Varol, Istanbul, Turkey, is a textile artist and educator. In her studio work, she aims at expressing the dynamism of modernity by using mixed textile techniques and contemporary textile materials. She utilizes printmaking

in some of her projects from time to time. She has art-works in various museums, galleries and private collections in the display. For more information about Ebru Dikmen Varol visit her website.

Photo credit the artist.