Ongoing Conversation, KYOTO Chapter: Invitational Artist

Pam Longabardi


 Pam Longabardi, Atlanta, GA, kokoka invitational artist is known for her sculptures that utilize salvaged plastic material taken from plastic debris in oceans. Her work discusses plastic as the cultural archeology of our time. For more about Pam, visit her website.

 Image courtesy of artist's website 


Jody Alexander


Jody Alexander, Santa Cruz, CA, is known for combining textiles and found objects with discarded books, giving them new life as scrolls, wall pieces, books, sculptural objects, and installations. Her work discusses the art of repair, mending techniques, and reuse.  For more information about Jody Alexander, visit her website.

  Image courtesy of artist's website  

Robert Harrison


 Robert Harrison, Helena, MT, is known globally for his large-scale site-specific architectural installations. Smaller-scale studio works include gallery installations and one of the kind ceramic objects.  For more information about Robert Harrison, visit his website.

 Photo credit Robert Harrison 

Craig Drennen


 Craig Drennen, Atlanta, GA, is known for his studio practice that revolves around Shakespeare’s play “Timon of Athens”. His work utilizes the text of Timon of Athens and creates a distinct body of work based on each character from the play.   Drennen is a recipient of the 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship.  For more information about Craig Drennen visit his website.

Photo credit Evie Saleh.

Gül Bolulu


Gül Bolulu, Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its multi-dimensional weavings and installations. Bolulu uses natural and handmade materials in her studio and nature has had a leading role as a source of inspiration for creating her artworks. For more information about  Gül Bolulu visit her Facebook page.

 Image courtesy of artist's Facebook. 

Jess Hill


 Jess Hill, Atlanta, GA, is known for her prints and designs. Hill's art explores the resilience of Black Womanhood and other marginalized groups and depicts their dream of overcoming many levels of oppression. Her art analyzes African folklore, quilted patterns, and symbolism. 

 For more information about Jess Hill visit her website.

  Photo credit Jess Hill.

Ryan Rasmussen


Ryan Rasmussen, Atlanta, GA, is known for his multi-disciplinary installations. His work spans practices in sculpture, installation, interactive objects, video, digital fabrication, and things that have mass or do not. For more information about Ryan, visit his website.
Image courtesy of artist's website   

Melissa Huang


 Melissa Huang, Chicago, IL, is known for her oil paintings.

 Her surreal oil paintings, prints, and sculptures explore digitally constructed bodies and identities.  Melissa attends Georgia State University for her MFA in Drawing and Painting. For more information about Melissa, visit her website

Photo credit Michael Hanlon 

Amy Putansu


Amy Putansu, Waynesville, NC, is known for her handwoven multiple layer fabrics.  Her current practice focuses on an unusual weaving technique called ondulé, which produces ever-present waves of threads throughout the cloth. These fabrics are specially constructed to resist dyeing and other alternative techniques. For more information about Amy, visit her website.

  Image courtesy of artist's website    

Doug Pierre Baulos


Doug Pierre Baulos, Birmingham, AL, is known for his drawings, installations, and books and fiber art.   His current works are explorations (visual) and meditations (poetry) centering on his ideas of spirituality, love, death, shelter, and hope.  

For more information about Doug, visit his website.

 Image courtesy Doug  Baulos.

Jack Michael


Jack Michael, Atlanta, GA, is known for her prints, textile arts, and sculptors.  Her work is broadly autobiographical, deeply sociopolitical, and spans media ranging from traditional printmaking and quilting methods to expanded sculptural print installation and performative textiles. For more information about Jack, visit her website.

Image courtesy Jack Michael.

Ryan Crooks


Ryan Crooks, Atlanta, GA, is known for his light-commercial, institutional, residential, and solar design. He explores the ideas of human existence and living in the evolving environment brought about by technology and climate change in his projects.  

Photo credit Ryan Crooks.

Aidin Gheshlaghi


Aidin Gheshlaghi, Tehran, Iran, is known for his illustrations, photographs, and Designs. He creatively mixes oriental traditional forms and values with modern, contemporary and minimal forms. Aidin takes advantage of his deep knowledge of Persian literature and calligraphy in his body of work. For more information about Aidin, visit his Instagram account.

Photo credit Aidin Gheshlaghi.

Lauren Braun



Lauren Braun, Pittsburgh, PA, makes drawings that combine pastels, charcoal, pencils, and collage. She constructs an imagined architectural world that is inspired by the Rust Belt region and its ongoing reinvention. 

For more information about Lauren, visit her website.

Photo credit Porter Loves Creative.

Dena Haden


 Dena Haden, Berkley, MA,  is a fiber artist known for her installations. She is inspired by nature and uses found wood, metal, fiber, wax, plant materials, and kombucha culture to explore the natural cycle of something coming into form, living, ever-changing and malleable, and the residue it leaves in passing.​

For more information about Dena, visit her website.

Photo credit Dena Haden.  

About Us

Drew Tetz


Drew Tetz, Silver Springs, MD, is a designer who primarily works with phenakistoscopes. He has unearthed a number of previously undiscovered visual techniques, fusing psychedelic turntablist sensibilities with traditional animation into a strange analog vision of the future.  For more information about Drew, visit his website.

Photo credit Drew Tetz.

Hanneke van Broekhoven


 Hanneke van Broekhoven, Netherlands,  started her creative career as an illustrator. In her new series of work, she uses materials, and techniques to demonstrate compassion and suffering, fragile and hardened, old cloth and scrap metal, embroidery and welding.  

For more information about Hanneke, visit her website.

Photo credit artist.

Wynn Yarrow


Wynn Yarrow, Elmira, NY, is known for poetic landscapes that beckon us to engage in contemplation of our Earth. Through natural curiosity and captivating use of color, Yarrow draws on memory, imagination and intuition to paint landscapes that resonate with the spirit of place.  For more information about Wynn Yarrow visit their website.

 Photo courtesy of the Artist. 

About Us

Carole Gelker


 Carole Gelker, Orange County, CL, is known for her prints. She uses printmaking to tell stories about her own life experiences, the powerful feelings, and fantasies of children and complex personal relationships.  She is influenced by fairy tales, the German Expressionists and the female artists Kiki Smith and Louise Bourgeoise.  For more information about Carole Gelker visit her website.  

Pegah Fahimi


 Pegah Fahimi, Urmia, Iran is known for her daily life photographs. Often traveling, she's made shooting photos and uploading them to her Instagram part of her daily working routine. Her photography centers around showing Details of the daily life of Iranian girls from a different perspective.  For more information about Pegah Fahimi visit her Instagram account. 

Photo credit artist.

Jeremy Bolen


Jeremy Bolen, Chicago, IL, is known for his photographs and site-specific experimental modes of documentation and presentation. Much of Bolen's work involves rethinking systems of recording in an attempt to observe invisible presences that remain from various scientific experiments and human interactions with the earth's surface.  For more information about Jeremy Bolen visit his website.
Photo credit artist website. 

Jessica Caldas


 Jessica Caldas, Florida is known for her multidisciplinary paintings and installations. She is an artist, advocate, and activist.  While drawing on personal narratives, collected stories, literature, and social movements, her work incorporates drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, performance, and more. For more information about Jessica Caldas visit her website

 Photo courtesy of the artist. 

Tim Flowers


 Tim Flowers, Atlanta, GA, is known for his oil paintings. In his current work, he is creating interior portraits using obtuse source materials and direct material observation, mixing presence and absence. 

 For more information about Tim visit his website.
Image courtesy of the artist. 

Irmak Bayburtlu


Irmak Bayburtlu, Istanbul, Turkey, Is known for her creative knittings. In her most recent series of works, she uses several layers of yarns, in an organic way to create her forms.  she twists carefully selected colors and materials to shape her figures.

For more information about Irmak Bayburtlu visit her website.

Photo courtesy of the artist.


Jess Self


 Jess Self,  Black Mountain, NC , is known for her felt made sculptural figures. She combines the traditional craft of needle felting and figurative sculpture in her work. She is currently exploring how women deal with trauma specifically in their beds in her studio. For more information about Jess Self visit her website.

 Photo credit Chris Carder Photography.