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The Ongoing Conversation is excited to announce the 2019 International Invitational-Juried Exhibition taking place in Kyoto, Japan! 

In home to many cultural landmarks and historical sites, Kyoto is thought of as the heart of Japan. Selected artworks will be exhibited in two venues.

Ongoing Conversation: Impression



 Ana Coello                   Andrew Lyman

 April  Wilkes                     Carla Powell

 Jeff kuratnick             Christina Teruel

 Shahrbanoo Amani            Drew Tetz

 Irmak Bayburtlu            Jack   Micheal

 Jackson Markovic        Jessica   Caldas

 Kasuna  Kitara                   Larkin Ford 

 Melissa Huang                     Sara Chin

 Sharareh Shoushtari      Sara Dadras

 Valentina Caver           Elham Eshaghi

 Toktam Sajed                 Diane Hiscox     

ongoing conversation's curator

Soude Dadras


Ongoing Conversation is a curatorial project by Soude Dadras. Over the past five years, Dadras has curated several international exhibitions in Istanbul, and Kyoto respectively. Dadras’ is well versed in the study and history of Persian Rugs and Textile Art History. The Iranian native holds a degree from Islamic Azad University. In addition to her curatorial practice, Dadras remains active in the field as a visiting scholar at the University Of Pittsburgh and guest lecturer at the Carnegie Museum of Art, a Persian Carpet & Kilim Appraiser, and an Antique Carpet Restoration Specialist. The mission of Dadras’ Ongoing Conversation is “to bring together disparate voices in the visual arts through an international purview in order to examine cross cultural similarities of the human condition.”

  For more information view Soude's website.


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